A Guide to Advent

Welcome! I’m glad you found this site. If you have a familial connection to Christianity but are not involved in regular services, you may feel embarrassed to ask questions in order to refresh your understanding or clarify the many conflicting views you hear or read about. The range of viewpoints from the various strands of Christianity makes for a very confusing and sometimes colourful conversation!

We live in a multicultural society that embraces many faiths and so you might find yourself recognizing the names of certain special days or festivals but you don’t know much about them. As a non- Christian you might have come to this site to get some basic understanding of this Christian celebration. Welcome.

This site offers a very basic and introductory guide to the beliefs and practices of the Christian faith and is intended as a jumping off place for further study if you choose. It is intended to create discussion and curiosity about Christianity and encourage readers to seek out a church near them to further explore their interest. Because Christianity has many strands of interpretation of the biblical text and historical data, this blog presents a centrist understanding acknowledging that some readers might have differing viewpoints or understandings.

Let’s start with HOLY WEEK.

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